The InSeal technology is based on an internal biodegradable membrane which seals the puncture. The membrane is supported against the vessel wall by a specially designed self-expandable frame, and is delivered in a collapsed configuration, into the vessel via a sheath. A tether connected in the center of the VCD, allows positioning across the puncture hole, at which time the frame automatically expands while coupling the membrane to the wall and sealing the puncture. Following implantation the membrane fully biodegrades within several months.


The InSeal VCD Implant

InSeal VCD Acutely

VCD Delivery

The InSeal VCD device is introduced into the artery using the TAVR or EVAR procedure sheath.The procedure is fully percutaneous with no pre-procedure.


InClosure VCD system


View InSeal animation video highlighting key steps of the procedure.
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